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N26 AG is Europe’s leading digital bank with a full German banking license. Built on the latest technology, N26’s mobile banking experience makes managing money easier, more secure and customer friendly.

In 2013, we started N26 with a vision to change the world’s relationship with money for the better. A decade and 8 million customers later, our goal is still the same — to give you the freedom to bank your way.

For too long, hidden fees, complicated jargon, and bureaucracy have misplaced our trust in banks. That’s why at N26, we’re focused on giving you total transparency and control.

Save, spend, budget, and invest however you like — with just a few taps on your phone. By making money beautifully simple and easy to manage, we’re here to help everyone achieve financial freedom with confidence.


  • Online Banking
  • Personal and Business bank accounts
  • Virtual Card
  • International Money Transfer
  • Instant Payments
  • Student Account
  • Invite Friends


Rungestraße 22/3, Hinterhof, Berlin, Germany
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